We are also Certified Personal Property Appraisers and are available for: Insurance Appraisals, Business Bankruptcy or Collatoral Appraisals, Divorce, Probate, Estate Appraisals or any other needs. Please call for information.

Personal Property Valuation is a method of determining the monetary value of all items in a home or business. Treasure Trove Estate Sale is one of the only local Estate Sale companies to offer Personal Property Valuation. Lori Whited, the owner of Treasure Trove Estate Sales, is one of only a few Estate Sale company owners certified as an expert court witness for purposes of Personal Property Valuation.

Treasure Trove, is often contacted by family law attorneys, banks and insurance companies to assess the current market value of a residence or business’ items. The breadth of this service can range from a simple valuation of the high-value items, to a more complex, fully itemized review of every item found in the house or business. A written report is also prepared for the client.


Treasure Trove Estate Sales handles all aspects of your estate sale from start to finish and will provide all of the following:



-Discuss your specific needs and goals during a no-cost walk-thru consultation.
-Discuss and determine dates and timeline for the sale. We conduct 2, 3 or 4 day sales depending
on the size of your estate and your needs.
-We obtain all permits and licenses required at our expense if required.


-Organize, categorize and showcase all contents for maximize selling potential.
-We provide display cases and tables as needed to showcase your estate.
-Inspect and research each item to be sold for maximum earnings
-Price each item based on current market value. We have an extensive network of resources we use to determine value.
-Merchandise all contents in a very attractive, appealing manner to maximize selling potential.


-Take photos of desirable items to market on the internet.
-Put together a detailed description list of all items included in the sale for all advertising.
-Promote the sale. Your sale will be advertised on the most popular internet sites, our web site and mailing list and
local newspapers if available to maximize proceeds, all at our expense.
-Place professional directional signs on main roads the days of your sale.


-Conduct 2, 3 or 4 day sale based on the size of your estate and your needs.
-Staff the sale with professional, courteous associates who are great sales people.
-Use professional signing throughout the sale to promote safety and maximize sales.
-Accept bids for higher priced items.
-We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard to maximize proceeds.
-All customers will be required to remove shoes or wear booties which we will provide to ensure your home is kept clean.
-We will broom sweep your home at the conclusion of the sale.
-If your home is also on the market we will work with your realtor to promote it during the event.


-Payment will be issued to the client within 24 hours of the end of the sale, less our commission, along with a copy of all sales receipts.

After the Sale
-We can provide you with a variety of options, many at no cost, regarding the remaining contents including: donating to your favorite organization
and providing you with a receipt for tax purposes, consigning items to an auction house or selling them on Ebay for you to increase your profits.

We also buy out smaller estates and LOVE to buy entire collections. Give us a call if you are interested in downsizing.


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